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DEFGRID is a partnership of industry, utility and academia, funded by the UK Research and Innovation’s Innovate UK, to demonstrate the cybersecurity potentials of Morello in the utility sector. With DEFGRID, this partnership will demonstrate the potential of Digital Security by Design (DSbD) to fur-ther enhance the security of the secure-by-design Phoenix platform. The outcome of DEFGRID will deliver a safe, robust, and cyber resilient solution, and will enable demonstration of the following operational capabilities and use cases required to digitally transform the utility sector:

  • Secure-by-design real-time sensor-to-cloud connectivity for remote operation and bidirectional data exchange. This will drive additional business value through the adoption of secure Indus-trial 4.0 solutions.
  • Secure-by-design connected process automation and control with remote update and man-agement. This will significantly increase the resilience of the gas networks through secure digi-tal asset management and recovery.